Obama: McCain’s Economic Message Out of Touch

Sep 14, 2008 8:21am

ABC News’ Tahman Bradley Reports: Sen. Barack Obama took aim at Sen. John McCain’s economic message, saying his presidential rival does not have a vision for moving the economy forward.

Obama, D-Ill., told ABC’s Chris Cuomo, "You would be hard-pressed to explain to me what John McCain’s economic vision is about how he’s gonna get this economy back on track. That, I believe, is somebody who is out of touch with what is — should be the central question of this election."

Watch the entire Cuomo interview with Obama Monday on "Good Morning America".

With the campaigns trading barbs over a host of issues that go beyond the candidates’ records and positions, anticipation for the upcoming presidential debates has grown. In the early part of the summer, McCain, R-Ariz., proposed weekly town hall meetings with Obama so that the candidates could debate their policy positions. Obama was accused by the McCain campaign of ducking the substantive meetings. Asked why he doesn’t pick up the phone and agree to the meetings, Obama called the town hall proposal a "gimmick."

"This whole thing about town halls I think is a little bit of a gimmick," he told Cuomo.

"The reason that we’re not talking about the issues doesn’t have to do with the fact that we didn’t have town halls. The reason that we’re not talking about the issues is because John McCain has shown a lack of interest in talking about the issues. That’s how their campaign’s been run."

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