Obama Slams McCain for a ‘Katrina Like’ Response to the Bailout Bill

Sep 28, 2008 4:03pm

ABC News’ John Berman, Ursula Fahy, Matt Jaffe and Sunlen Miller Report: The Obama-Biden ticket brought out their wives for a rally in Detroit before 35,000 people this Sunday afternoon.

Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., spoke about the economic bailout bill’s progress, giving bipartisan credit for being close to passing a plan.

"Thanks to the hard work of Democrats and Republicans, it looks like we have a rescue plan that includes these taxpayer protections. It looks like we will pass that plan very soon."

Obama continued to be critical of Sen. John McCain’s reaction to the economic crisis– and for the first time today had tougher words, saying McCain’s response was similar to Bush’s response during Katrina.

"I think Senator McCain just doesn’t get it – he doesn’t understand that the storm hitting Wall Street hit Main Street long ago. That’s why his first response to the greatest financial meltdown in generations was a Katrina like response. Sort of stood there. Said the ‘fundamentals of the economy are strong.’"

Obama said that McCain’s just been shifting positions over the last two weeks and looking for photo opts to try to find out what to say and what to do in terms of the economy.

"Well, I know what we need to do. You know what we need to do. Joe Biden knows what we need to do," Obama chanted, "We need to stop giving those tax cuts to corporations and CEOs on Wall Street, and start standing up for families right here in Michigan."

Obama pounded his message that Americans can’t afford the "nonsense" of four more years like the last eight – and brought up how Friday’s debate – in his eyes – demonstrated how McCain could bring just that.

"Think about it on Friday, we had a debate. And on issue after issue – from taxes to health care to the war in Iraq – you heard John McCain make the case for more of the same," Obama said, "He kept on asking’ me, ‘you don’t understand.’ No, I understand, you want more of the same. The same Bush tax policies, the same Bush energy policies, the same Bush Iraq policies. A fifth grader could understand – it’s more of the same."

Senator Biden – in his introduction – continued his attack dog role and his regular free speaking attitude, telling the audience, "John McCain said he’d follow Osama bin Laden to the gates of Hell. Well let me tell you something. President Barack Obama will follow him to where he lives and then send him to hell."

Obama was joined on stage for the duration of his speech by Michelle Obama, Jill Biden and his running mate.

At the onset, Obama disappointed the crowd – telling them that his wife would not be speaking today.

""Michelle decided she wasn’t going to speak today. She just wanted to sit there and look cute. That’s okay," he joked (much to Michelle’s dismay?), "It’s okay with me!"

Later – when an audience member fainted and Obama stopped his remarks to toss a bottle of water into he crowd his wife helped and similarly threw her water bottle into the crowd as well.

"Oh Michelle you got an arm too?" Obama snidely ribbed his wife….. perhaps not setting up the Senator well for his upcoming 16th wedding anniversary celebration on Friday.

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