Obama’s Casino Royale

By Natalie Gewargis

Sep 29, 2008 3:15pm

ABC News’ John Berman, Sunlen Miller and Ursula Fahy Report: Before a raucous crowd in Westminster, CO, Barack Obama put all his chips on the table, doubled-down, and went all-in on a new line of attack.

Playing off of a New York Times article which outlined McCain’s propensity to gamble (high-stakes craps at Foxwoods in Connecticut), Obama gleefully unleashed a barrage of gambling metaphors on his opponent.

“I read the other day that Senator McCain likes to gamble,” said Obama, “He likes to roll those dice. And that’s ok. I enjoy a little friendly game of poker myself.”

But after that kindly introduction, he lit-in to his foe, “One thing I know is this – we can’t afford to gamble on four more years of the same disastrous economic policies we’ve had for the last eight.”

And in case anyone missed that, Obama went on, “We can’t afford to roll the dice by privatizing Social Security, and wagering the nest egg of millions of Americans on Wall Street. We can’t afford to gamble on more of the same trickle down philosophy that showers tax breaks on big corporations and the wealthiest few."

And then he finished his romp through the political table wit this, “We cant double down on the same things that haven’t work, we’ve got to try something new, and that’s why I’m running for President of the United States.”

As Obama noted, he is no stranger to the tables.  Republicans circulated this quote from a USA Today article:

"On Wednesday nights during Illinois General Assembly sessions, a group of lobbyists and lawmakers used to gather at the headquarters of the Illinois Manufacturers’ Association for a weekly poker game. Barack Obama, who represented part of Chicago as state senator from 1997-2004, was a regular."

After the event in Denver, Obama heads to Reno, Nevada.  It is safe to say the gambling metaphors are not about to stop any time soon.

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