Palin Gets the Full Philly Treatment: “Hey Hockey Mom — Keep the Puck out of PA”

By Kate Barrett

Sep 27, 2008 1:15pm

Someone had the bright idea of sending Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin to the Irish Pub on Walnut Street in downtown Philly before the debate yesterday.

More than 400 McCain-Palin supporters were in the bar waiting for her; more than 300 McCain-Palin opponents were outside the bar, heckling her on as Philadelphians know how to do.

Sporting a red Phillies jacket, over a white t-shirt that read "Sarahcuda," Palin entered the bar to the protestors chanting "Obama! Obama!"

Some set off flares.

They held up signs: "McSame/Failin’;" "Hey Hockey Mom — keep the puck out of PA;" "Just like Bush in lipstick."

Inside the pub, the reception was very warm, with supporters swarming her, asking for autographs and pictures.

"Thanks for inviting us into The Irish Pub," Palin told the assembled throngs, "and we know this is going to be a great night for our ticket. Thank you for being here for rooting on John McCain tonight in the debate even, you guys, thank you. Yeah.

"Great to be here in the city of brotherly and sisterly love," she continued. "Thank you and we feel that. And truly all the support that you’re providing us in this area that is so paramount to victory on November 4th. We thank you so much for all your support. Hope we all get around to meet each and every one of you so I can personally thank you guys for the support that you’re showing and for being so reform-minded and knowing that we have opportunity to put government back on the side of the people and shake things up in DC.

"And for that I thank you for being on the team," she concluded. "And hopefully we can bring more people from this area on that team, you guys, truly. As our mission, getting to DC, shaking things up, working for you. John McCain and I will never forget whom we are working for is for you. So we love you guys, city of brotherly love. Thank you."

Some middle-aged guys wore red and blue hockey jerseys that said "USA" and "VP" on the front, and "Palin" on the back. They’d had them made in Canada. Palin signed the jerseys after which they gave her one.

A different man gave her his Philadelphia Flyers hat, which she also donned.

Her exit from the Irish Pub was met with a harsh wave of boos from the protesters standing on Walnut Street.

As she eased into her motorcade one man yelled, "I can see Alaska from Walnut Street!"


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