The Note: Palin Charged With Reviving McCain Ticket

By Hope Ditto

Sep 29, 2008 8:25am

ABC News’ Rick Klein reports in Monday’s Note:

Now that (we presume) the economy will be saved and the republic will endure and our money is as safe as the politicians who crafted this bailout package (read: not very), a few questions to take us into a week that will surely be more predictable than the last one:

How many presidents do you need to save a bailout bill?

How many winners were there in Friday’s debate?

How many more ready-made opportunities do the candidates have to shift the terms of the race? (How many times has the Obama campaign done anything as bold as the McCain campaign does about every other week?)

How much impact will "Saturday Night Live" have if politics subsumes the jokes?

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How many times will Bill Clinton say, "Barack Obama is the best man for the job"? 

How many more times can Gov. Sarah Palin unleash words instead of answers without seeing her image cemented by the national media? (How much does Steve Schmidt care about that question?)

(Is the answer to all the above questions, "zero"?)

This is why you pick a vice president (plus the Tina Fey impersonations, we suppose). Palin will be critical to Sen. John McCain’s success this week — the flubs and fumbles under close scrutiny, the episodes where she seems to contradict McCain while talking circles around herself under an unforgiving glare.

The pressure would rest on the McCain ticket’s shoulders anyway, given the shuttle (and shifting) diplomacy of last week that didn’t quite work out. Add to that a first debate that cements the status quo, a running mate who seems to be getting worse the more (still limited) time she’s out there, and a very big week gets bigger for Sarah Palin.

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ABC News’ Hope Ditto contributed to this report.

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