Biden Blasts McCain for Obama/Bush comparison

Oct 23, 2008 8:34pm

ABC News’ Matt Jaffe Reports: Democratic vice presidential nominee Joe Biden Thursday night opened his outdoor evening rally at Raleigh’s Meredith College – "site of the best mascot name in all of college sports": the Avenging Angels – by laughing off the latest attack from Republican candidate John McCain.

"Just today, John McCain tried to compare Barack Obama to George Bush," said the Delaware senator as the crowd of 7000 booed. "No really, I mean, you know, talk about the willing suspension of disbelief!"

Earlier Thursday, in response to reports that 478,000 Americans claimed unemployment benefits this week, McCain said in a statement that "Barack Obama’s only answer is to double-down on the Bush administration’s legacy of out-of-control spending."

" I mean, pretty soon he’s gonna be calling me Dick Cheney," Biden continued to loud applause. "And that wouldn’t be good! Look, well lemme tell ya, at least I know what the vice-president does!"

While this comment initially seemed to be a dig at McCain’s running mate Sarah Palin’s comment earlier this week in Colorado that the vice-president is "in charge" of the Senate, Biden was apparently referring to Cheney, instead.

"Not with Dick Cheney," he noted. "Not with vice-president Cheney said he’s not a part of either branch or something like that! I don’t know! Look, folks, and we are not in an undisclosed location!"

Moments later, Biden hit out at Wall Street executives raking in million-dollar bonuses despite the current economic crisis.

"Did you see what’s going on tonight on Wall Street, this so-called recovery package?" Biden asked the Tobacco Road audience. "Guess what? They’re finding out now that a lot of these guys are giving themselves million-dollar bonuses. It’s obscene. It’s obscene."

"I want to remind all Americans of what we’ve overcome in the past and what Barack Obama will do," Biden concluded. "He will not appeal to your avenging angels. He’ll appeal to your better angels and unite this country! That’s why, that’s why I am so certain Barack Obama will be a great president of the United States of America."

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