Obama Responds to McCain Camp Insinuations it Hacked into Joe the Plumber’s Private Files

Oct 26, 2008 11:12am

Some wild, evidence-free charges yesterday from the McCain campaign, with former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani insinuating that the Obama campaign had something to do with improper breaches of Samuel Joseph "Joe the Plumber" Wurzelbacher’s private records.

"All Joe the Plumber did is ask a question," Giuliani said on a conference call arranged by the McCain campaign, giggling. "That should not open American citizens to having — if this happened — their private records probed because of some sort of political retribution. And if this is the way an Obama administration is going to conduct itself, the American people should know this before the fact."

When a reporter asked if there was any evidence that these records were breached by anyone with a political agenda, Giuliani said, "If this were someone on the Republican side you would not be asking the question…It does discourage people from asking questions, if they think that all of a sudden either at the direction of the campaign or just spontaneously all their personal records are going to get revealed if they ask a difficult question."

Obama campaign spox Isaac Baker issued a statement, saying, "Invasions of privacy should not be tolerated.  If these records were accessed inappropriately, it had nothing to do with our campaign and should be investigated fully.  But these desperate charges from the McCain campaign are just another sign that John McCain is out of ideas, out of touch and running out of time.  The fact is, Barack Obama plans to give Joe and other middle class families a much larger tax cut than John McCain."

– jpt

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