Obama’s Nutrition Tips for Campaign Rallies

By Julia Hoppock

Oct 2, 2008 3:31pm

ABC News’ John Berman, Sunlen Miller and Ursula Fahy report: A lot of political speakers bring people to their feet. But Barack Obama is just one of the latest to knock a few off their feet.  People faint at campaign rallies.  They keel over.  As Joe Biden might say, they literally, literally, fall down.  It happens to speakers in both parties, George W. Bush, Hillary Clinton, and lately, Obama. 

The latest example was today in Lansing, MI.  It happened Sunday in Detroit, and a couple of weeks ago in Concord, NH.  It isn’t about what he is saying or how is saying it.  No usually it has a lot more to do with how long the people have been standing.  You see, people usually have to show up to campaign events 2 to 4 hours before they begin, go through a security screening, and then just wait; often without food or drink, often in the heat, and often in close quarters.

When it happens at Obama events, the Senator usually pauses momentarily, asks for an EMT to check on the person, and then for someone to get a bottle of water. He will tell people not to worry and that it happens all the time. But he doesn’t usually wait long before returning to his planned remarks.  And occasionally comes up with a bit of advice that can seem a bit cold.  In Lansing today, after for an EMT to check on a person, he offered the crowd a bit of advice, "next time you come to a 20 thousand person rally, make sure to eat before you get here."

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