Stephanopoulos: McCain Needs a Plan

By Nitya

Oct 10, 2008 8:54am

ABC News George Stephanopoulos Reports: With just a few weeks left in the cycle, Republican presidential candidate John McCain’s biggest problem has almost nothing to do with him and everything to do with the economy. The campaign dialogue can’t break through the tremendous noise and pain brought on by financial woes that so many Americans have been feeling.

McCain has to figure out a way to tie into anger over the economy and convince voters he’s got the better plan to solve the financial crisis — it’s his only real hope for victory.

McCain’s latest ad goes about as far as you can go in an ad — it’s the second in two days that hits Democratic candidate Barack Obama for lying about his connection to 1960s radical Bill Ayers, though it wasn’t a line of attack McCain chose to use against Obama during this week’s debate.

Obama will spend the next five days in Ohio at a critical point in his presidential campaign: if he locks in the lead in Ohio, he’s that much closer to locking up the race.

No single state is more important to Obama’s prospects than Ohio is and no Republican has ever won the White House without winning Ohio. Right now, Obama has a small but solid lead of a few points in the state and while he’s outspent Republican candidate John McCain there by about $500,000 a week, he hasn’t spent much time on the ground.

By going there, hitting the ground and saturating the state with campaign efforts for the next five days, Obama’s looking to lock in the lead.

Later today, the McCain campaign will also be dealing the release of a potentially damaging report by the legislative panel investigating whether Gov. Sarah Palin abused power by trying to get the state commission fired — the investigation shows that Palin and her husband were far more involved in the incident that they have previously said.

McCain’s camp tried to get ahead of the report last night by releasing their own report saying Palin broke no law.

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