The Note: Obama Seeks Measured Pace

By Arnab Datta

Nov 6, 2008 8:54am

ABC News’ Rick Klein reports in Thursday’s Note:

What Rahm Emanuel knows as he prepares to take the most important job in the Obama White House:

1. Mandates and honeymoons sound really nice until you start counting votes.

2. There’s nothing’ in a thumpin’ that can’t be served right back.

3. John Dingell and Dave Obey didn’t need Barack Obama to become chairmen — and don’t need him to stay chairmen, either.

4. It was easier to keep the Rahm pace before he had kids.

5. He’d rather be on this team than any other [bleepin’] team right now.

6. Not taking the job he’s been offered would cause a bigger public snafu for his friend than anything he went through during the course of his campaign.

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The early moves in the transition period may say more about the kind of president Obama will be than anything he did or said during the campaign.

(And, in reverse, the early words pouring out of what was once the McCain-Palin campaign tells us more about what kind of operation that really was — and that there’s at least a few someones still gunning for Sarah Palin.)

In turning to Rep. Rahm Emanuel, D-Ill., for chief of staff, Obama is signaling that he wants to get things done, not make friends, and not let fears of public perceptions guide his early choices.

When Obama and Vice-President Elect Joe Biden get their first round of full-on security briefings on Thursday, they’ll be continuing to learn far more than they say. (Still no press conference scheduled for of our newly elected ticket — though there’s at least that possibility on Thursday).

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ABC News’ Arnab Datta contributed to this report.

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