Today’s Sams

By Dschabner

Nov 1, 2008 10:29pm

A few days ago, frustrated by Sen. Barack Obama’s abject refusal to hold a full press conference (more than five questions, arranged ahead of time) in more than a month, we started shouting questions to Obama as he boards and de-planes O Force One. We call them "Sams" in tribute to ABC News’ Sam Donaldson, who would shout them to President Ronald Reagan, among others.

Often he ignores the questions. And I’ve been meaning to record his responses but they’re often so lame they haven’t seemed worth the effort.

But, in the interest of information, I’ll start posting them.

Today’s Sams:

Obama boarding the plane in Pueblo, Colo.

ABC News’ Sunlen Miller: Do you have any comment about your aunt? Do you have anything to say about your aunt?

Obama: (silence)

Obama deplaning in Springfiled, Mo.

Tapper: Are you worried about the polls tightening?

Obama: I never worry about the polls.

Tapper: You never worry about the polls?

Obama: There something I should worry about, Jake?

And … scene.

- jpt

UPDATE: Some previous Sams from the past few days include:

  • What is your reaction to the excursion in Syria (he said he’d get back to us after he found out more details; he didn’t);
  • What’s your reaction to the endorsement of former Reagan chief of staff Ken Duberstein (he said he wants everyone’s vote and he appreciates Ken’s);
  • Why are you advertising in Arizona (He said he wants to win every state);
  • and Geoff Earle from the New York Post, before he was kicked off the plane (but after he’d been told he would have to leave) asked Obama’s reaction to a Rezko-related lawsuit (no response).

I don’t particularly like shouting questions, and you can only get so deep in a shouted question. The whole thing is rather demeaning, but they’ve apparently decided he’s likelier to win if he doesn’t have to face questions from his press corps. And as I’ve written before, it’s not as if Sen. McCain is any more accessible to his press corps.

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