Want a Day in President-elect Obama’s Shoes?

By Lindsey Ellerson

Dec 9, 2008 6:47pm

ABC News’ Lindsey Ellerson Reports: What would you do it you were president of the United States?  The game maker Eversim is offering Americans an opportunity to take a seat in the Oval Office from the comfort of home. "Commander in Chief," a geo-political simulation game, is set to be released on Inauguration Day. 

The video game, played on a 3D world map, directs players to hand-pick members of their cabinet who will then help the commander in chief confront various presidential demands.

"You get to direct the flow of action on a global scale," said company spokesman  Doug Mealy.  "You pick your cabinet, you interact with world leaders and you must cope with economic disasters, military invasions, terrorism and a wide variety of interaction with other foreign leaders."

The game, formatted for the PC has more than four-hundred databases of real information for 192 countries, allowing the computer to react using real numbers as players make calculated moves.

"For example, on a terrorism front you can have something happen, totally by surprise, caused by something you did by mistake or actions of another foreign leader," said Mealy.  "If you decide that you want to increase minimum wage, then you will get calls on a cell phone in the game, from other foreign leaders asking why you are making that decision.  You may have calls from special interest groups and you’ll have economic databases that show what happens with you do that."

"Commander in Chief," best suited for ages 17 years and older, can entertain as few as one, or as many as 16 people.

The video game currently exists in several countries around the world geared toward each country’s specific government.  While "Commander in Chief" will not be released in U.S. retail stores until January 20, it is available for pre-order beginning tomorrow on Amazon.com.

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