Daschle Didn’t Always Have a Driver . . .

By Caitlin Taylor

Feb 3, 2009 11:09am

ABC News’ Rick Klein Reports: As the Tom Daschle drumbeat continues — amid the latest revelation of tax woes forcing a different Obama nominee aside — a Republican friend highlights this old Daschle campaign ad, which appears to be from his 1986 run for the Senate.

It shows then-congressman Daschle driving around Washington’s snowy streets in his 1971 Pontiac — as opposed to the “BMWs and limos” that populate the capital city’s streets, the ad tells us.

“Sure it’s rusted, and it burns a little oil,” the narrator says. “But after 15 years and 238,000 miles, Tom Daschle still drives his old car to work every day. Maybe he’s sentimental — or just cheap. Whatever the case, isn’t it too bad the rest of Washington doesn’t understand that a penny saved . . . is a penny earned.”

Here’s guessing he wishes he still drove that old car these days.

UPDATE: It turns out that old car is still around — but Daschle would have to go back to South Dakota to fetch it. His old Pontiac Ventura is on display at the Pioneer Auto Show in Murdo, S.D. (Click on the 1970s tab to find the listing — though it appears the auto shows Web folks forgot how to spell their former senator’s name.)

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