Obama’s Maiden Voyage on AF1

By Caitlin Taylor

Feb 5, 2009 8:57am

ABC News’ Sunlen Miller reports: President Obama will take his first flight – as President – on Air Force One later today when he flies to Williamsburg, Virginia to attend the House Democratic retreat.

It wasn’t too long ago that then-Senator Obama, in the heat of the campaign, recalled in amazement his first and only trip aboard Air Force One as a guest of President Bush.

“You get on the plane it’s big and spiffy and its got all kinds of people in there doing all sorts of stuff,” Obama described to a town hall in South Bend, Indiana in May.

In 2005 President Bush had given then-Senator Obama a lift on his plane back to Washington from Springfield, Illinois where they both had spoken at the dedication of the Lincoln Library.

“The truth is the best thing about flying on Air Force One is we were flying though a thunder storm when we got to Washington and we were bumping and shaking and knocking all around and I knew we weren’t going down," Obama laughed, "You feel very confident in there, turbulence doesn’t bother you at all. You’re just like ‘wow – whatever else happens, this plane is staying up’”

The president’s first trip on the Boeing 747 this afternoon will be a short one – a jaunt just across the border to Williamsburg, Virginia for a flight that will likely be less than thirty minutes.  When Mr. Obama came to Washington in advance of his inauguration President Bush offered up use of the plane used as Air Force Two – which has transported Vice President Cheney and the First Lady.

–Sunlen Miller

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