POTUS: ‘We’re Gonna Have a Signing.’ WH: Not a Public One

Mar 11, 2009 11:40am

ABC News’ Yunji de Nies and Sunlen Miller report:

The White House has indicated that President Barack Obama will sign the omnibus spending bill, just that he will not do so in public. When asked this morning if he’d sign the $410 billion dollar pork-packed bill in public, the president simply told reporters, "We’re gonna have a signing." The White House later explained that the president simply meant that he’ll sign the bill.

"We are doing a good job stimulating our economy here at home," President Obama said. "We’re moving forward in stabilizing the financial system through a whole host of steps that have already been taken, and a number of steps that we intend to take in the future."

The president made his remarks to reporters in the Oval office after his daily economic briefing with Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, a meeting that up until now, has been private. Geithner will be traveling to London tomorrow to meet with his foreign counterparts in advance of the Group of 20 summit next month.

Both the president and the Treasury secretary touted the upcoming meeting, saying it would be a way to get the international community to come together on economic recovery. 

"We can do a really good job here at home with a whole host of policies, but if you continue to see deterioration in the world economy, that’s going to set us back," President Obama said.

Geithner echoed the president, saying, "We want to bring together a new consensus, globally, on how to strengthen this global financial system so that a crisis like this never happens again."

President Obama said the secretary would be focused on ensuring that the economies of developing countries remain stable, and that international trade remains robust.

"How do we make sure, also, that we are not falling into protectionist patterns and that world trade is still something that countries support and embrace as opposed to scaling back from," he said.
When ABC News’ Ann Compton asked the president whether he had yet signed the omnibus, he replied, "We’re gonna have a signing."

– Yunji de Nies and Sunlen Miller

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