Liberal Groups Launch TV Ad Backing Sotomayor

By Caitlin Taylor

May 27, 2009 11:20am

ABC News’ David Chalian reports: In the "Battle Royale" that wasn’t quite one (yet), a/k/a the Sotomayor confirmation process, the coalition of liberal groups supporting Sotomayor’s nomination have taken a page out of the Bush playbook from the Roberts and Alito nominations by immediately launching a 30-second TV ad (to be broadcast on network and cable TV) touting Sotomayor’s legal credentials and biography. It is designed to both perpetuate the rollout momentum generated by President Obama’s announcement yesterday at the White House and to make sure to immediately stake out some turf in the battle to define Sotomayor. An adviser to the Coalition for Constitutional Values describes the ad as a "solid six figure buy" and says the plan is to initially run the ad for one week. The ad uses President Obama’s voice to serve as the narrator from his public description of what he was looking for in a Supreme Court nominee and matching it up to images of Sonia Sotomayor and text on the screen highlighting the key biographical and professional moments in her life. You can view the ad HERE. It seems, however, the more interesting fight shaping up over the Sotomayor nomination is within the Republican Party. Most members of the Republican leadership in the Senate and on the Judiciary Committee held their fire in their initial reactions to the Sotomayor pick, instead simply focusing on the need for a thorough vetting of the nominee. Outside conservative interest groups, who depend on high profile political battles to keep the activist base of the Republican Party engaged, were not so muted in their response. "Republican Senators should strongly oppose her nomination. The National Republican Trust PAC and their constituents will hold them accountable if they do not,” said Scott Wheeler, the executive director of the PAC.

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