Rolling Thunder at the White House

By MichaelJames

May 22, 2009 7:01pm

ABC NEWS’ Yunji de Nies Reports:

Rolling Thunder national president Gary Scheffmeyer rode up the driveway of the North Lawn of the White House on a black Honda Valkyrie this afternoon.  Scheffmeyer and a small group of Rolling Thunder national officers visited the White House, as members of their group have every Memorial Day weekend for more than two decades. 

The group spent about an hour in the White House with administration officials discussing issues facing America’s veterans, including prisoners of war and those still missing in action, along with veteran health care and disability benefits. The president dropped in for a few minutes to thank the group for their continued efforts.

"He just wanted to thank us for everything that we do to bring awareness to the POW/MIA issue and to veterans," Scheffmeyer said.

The group also relayed its appreciation for the work that the president is doing to improve Veteran’s Affairs, and for the first lady’s commitment to helping military families.

"They’re really trying to help the veterans of this country who deserve every bit of help that they get," Scheffmeyer said.

The group also wants to remind Americans about what this holiday weekend really is all about.

"When these people are having their cookouts and their picnics, everything this Memorial weekend, they should stop and think: If it weren’t for the veterans, they wouldn’t be having them. The veterans made this all possible for them with their freedom," Scheffmeyer said.  "Many of them gave the ultimate sacrifice, and they’re giving it today as we speak, probably over in a strange land that they didn’t want to go to.  But they went because they’re protecting our freedom."

Asked about how the president is doing so far as commander in chief, the Rolling Thunder national executive director, Sgt. Artie Muller, smiled.

"Well, he’s been in there a short time," Muller said. 

He paused and then continued, "So far, I got no complaints.  We’ll see."

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