Today’s Qs for O’s WH – 5/26/2009

May 26, 2009 4:03pm

TAPPER:  If I could, just a quick question about North Korea.


GIBBS:  Uh-huh.


TAPPER:  What is the administration’s goal other than some sort of piece of paper from the United Nations expressing disappointment with the nuclear bomb going off?  What does the administration want to have happen concretely in terms of action?


GIBBS:  Well, look, I think that the — the Security Council is currently meeting.  I think they’re likely to discuss next steps as far as that goes.  Let me — though, let me address the initial part of your question. I think the uniform and unified international criticism that we’ve seen since the reports of this testing demonstrate the outrage that countries around the world have for these actions.  I think North Korea continues to deepen its isolation from the international community and continues, as we’ve said all along, to take steps in the wrong direction.


TAPPER:  I’m sorry.  You didn’t answer my question.


GIBBS:  Well, no.  I would say I think the Security Council is involved in some of these discussions.


TAPPER:  You don’t want to tip your hat as to what you…


GIBBS:  I don’t want to get into — yes.


TAPPER:  OK.  In terms of Judge Sotomayor, some of the conservative groups that have been involved in these fights in the past have said that she is radical, that she is a liberal activist, that she shows all indication that she wants to legislate from the bench.  And I’m wondering what your response is.


GIBBS:  Well, my sense is that they — my sense is that that is based on the fact that they’ve get had — have not had any time to read what she’s written and the way she’s acted as a judge for the previous 17 years.  I don’t think anybody could reasonably argue based on looking at her cases that she’s somebody that legislates from the federal bench.  I think that is, in some ways, from interest groups, the rhetoric is, regrettably, predictable.  I think a fair and honest hearing, which we believe that she’ll get, will demonstrate somebody who understands and respects the law, somebody that honors and respects judicial precedent, and somebody that the president thinks is well qualified and will make a very strong Supreme Court justice.

TAPPER:  Thank you.


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