Gallup: Arab Nations’ Views of US Slightly Less Negative Under President Obama

By Caitlin Taylor

Jun 2, 2009 8:49am

Gallup reports that slightly fewer citizens of Arab nations disapprove of the US under President Obama than during the reign of his predecessor.

In Egypt, for instance, last May US leadership enjoyed a 6% approval rating.  In March it registered at 25%.

Gallup writes it up this way: "President Barack Obama may find audiences in many Arab countries more willing to listen when he addresses the Muslim world Thursday from Cairo, Egypt. New Gallup Polls conducted in 11 Arab countries show that although approval of U.S. leadership remains generally low, ratings are up in 8 countries including Egypt.  Throughout much of President George W. Bush's second term, Gallup found U.S. leadership approval ratings in many Arab countries at times in the single digits and among the lowest in the world."

Interestingly, many of those polled may be holding off before making a conclusion. In Lebanon, the Palestinian Territories, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Tunisia,  and Yemen, the percentage of respondents answering "don't know/refused" increased significantly.

In Lebanon and the Palestinian Territories, approval of the US is actually lower now than under President Bush, dipping from 13% to 7% in the Palestinian Territories and from 25% to 22% in Lebanon.

- jpt

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