“Go Get Him,” – Obama Prompts Reporters to Dunk his Press Secretary

Jun 25, 2009 6:38pm

ABC News’ Sunlen Miller reports: White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs got a little pay back from the press this afternoon at the White House.

“Go get him, go get him,” President Obama yelled to press outside the Oval Office as they marched toward the South Lawn to attempt to dunk his press secretary into a dunk tank.

Gibbs, 38, normally clad in a dark suit and tie now had a different suit on — navy blue swim trunks and a long navy blue shirt.

He climbed into the large multi-colored tank and felt the water, testing his impending fate.

“It’s warmer than it was when I checked earlier” he quipped.

Members of the press who stepped up to the plate were given three large yellow balls – and kept back about30 feet to try to hurl a ball at the target to dunk Gibbs.

First up, per White Houses’ choice, FOX News. But alas, after 3 balls FOX Correspondent Mike Emmanuel couldn’t put under Gibbs.

Next up was AP’s Ben Feller who dunked Gibbs on his third try, to the delight of not only the press corp. but the many of Gibbs’ press secretaries who put their hands over their heads in jubilation of seeing their boss get soaked. 

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Obama’s hometown reporter, Chicago Sun Times’ Lynn Sweet was given the next try.

“Show him how we do it in Chicago,” a White House staffer yelled to Sweet.

But after three tries Sweet couldn’t pull it out. 

CBS’s Bill Plante stepped to the plate next, and with one throw dunked Gibbs.

“Sonofab-tch.” Gibbs said as he came up above water and then called an end to the session.

Later this evening at the actual White House Hawaiian luau, Gibbs, along with White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emmanuel will face perhaps a much more aggressive crowd in the dunk tank –  as members of congress will get their chance to send both under water.

-Sunlen Miller

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