Issa Responds To Sanford; Argues Rangel Should Resign

By Jennifer Parker

Jun 24, 2009 3:52pm

Governor Mark Sanford’s press conference broke during my twitterview with Republican Congressman Darrell Issa of today.  

Responding to my questions on  what this means for his party, Issa quickly tried to turn the tables on the Democrats.

He called on the Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee, Rep. Charles Rangel, D-N.Y. To give up that Chairmanship as the Ethics Committee investigates his failure to pay taxes on a home in the Dominican Republic. 

Here’s the exchange:

@darrellIssa are you watching your former colleague Mark Sanford? What do you think?
17 minutes ago from web  

@GStephanopoulos heck – we had the mayor of sd resign over not any official wrong-doing – but not meeting demands/obligations of the office

@darrellIssa Riveting and sad. Are you concerned in wake of Ensign story about fallout for your party?
13 minutes ago from web  

@GStephanopoulos – as you can see – the gov is immediately resigning over his misconduct – will rangel, murtha and dodd do the same?

@darrellIssa Think he's just resigning RGA, not governorship. You really think Rangel, Murtha and Dodd should resign? 

@GStephanopoulos i certainly think there known failures in ethics and in the case of rangel – failure to adhere to tax law he now creates…

@GStephanopoulos …stepping down from leadership were always the first calls that speaker pelosi made and now ignores

@GStephanopoulos don't you believe that one country, one congress and one standard should be the rule?

@GStephanopoulos speaking only for the House and only to full committee chairman – rangel has been clearly shown to not have observed taxlaw

@darrellIssa So to be clear: you are calling on Rangel and Murtha and Dodd to resign their Chairmanships?


  @GStephanopoulos he's been making for decades – so my answer is yes. But he should only step down if there is an ongoing process by spkr

@GStephanopoulos he has the confidence of speaker and it is that confidence that has me not having confidence in the speaker

  @GStephanopoulos george i know you share with me the desire at both ends of the swamp be properly drained, hopefully my subpoena request…

@GStephanopoulos …to countrywide will allow us to do that on a bipartisan basis.

@darrellIssa Thanks Congressman Talk soon

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