McConnell’s Five Questions for Obama on Health Care

Jun 24, 2009 10:30am

ABC News’ Rick Klein and Z. Byron Wolf report: In the spirit of public participation in tonight’s ABC News forum on President Obama’s health care plans, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., is offering five questions he would like the president to answer.

There’s a partisan tinge to the questions — but each of them gets at something we truly don’t know the answer to.

The questions are as follows, according to McConnell’s office:

1. “Will the President veto any legislation that causes Americans to lose their private insurance?”

2. “Will the President veto a bill that adds to the nation’s already staggering deficit?”

3. “Will the President veto any legislation that raises taxes on the middle class?”

4. “Does the President support the HELP Committee bill, which bans providing incentives for healthy behavior, and will he veto legislation that bans these kinds of programs?”

5. “Does the President support the Republican amendment to prohibit the rationing of care, and will he veto legislation that allows the government to deny, delay, and ration care?”

“When it comes to reforming health care, Republicans believe that both political parties should work together to make it less expensive and easier to obtain, while preserving what people like about our current system,” McConnell plans to say in a speech on the Senate floor this morning.

“That’s why Republicans have put forward ideas that should be easy for everyone to support, such as reforming medical malpractice laws to get rid of junk lawsuits; encouraging wellness and prevention programs that have already been shown to cut costs; and addressing the needs of small businesses without imposing taxes that will kill jobs.”

“Unfortunately, Democrats on Capitol Hill have opted against many of these common-sense proposals, moving instead in the direction of a government-run system that denies, delays, and rations care.

“So it’s my hope that the President uses his prime time question and answer session at the White House tonight to clearly express where he himself comes down on a number of crucial questions."


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