Barack and the Giant Peach

By Lindsey Ellerson

Jul 29, 2009 6:03pm

ABC News’ Jon Garcia reports:

It appears that speaking and taking questions for 55 minutes can make a president hungry. And it might not help that he was giving his remarks in the middle of a grocery store.

As President Obama continued his health care reform tour, he took the stage in the produce section at a Kroger’s grocery in Bristol, Va., where he was addressing store employees and executives. Surrounded by yellow melons, deep red apples, and greens a plenty, he joked that he doesn’t get to go the grocery store anymore–and that First Lady Michelle Obama might ask him to bring home some milk.

Almost one hour, 10 questions and dozens of handshakes later, Obama waved goodbye and ventured back by the fresh fruit. He spied the rack of peaches. As he picked one up, he called out, “what do you think?” as if to say “is it worth eating?” The store staff seemed to cheer him on. So the president put the piece of fruit up to his nose, took a big whiff and then took a big bite.

But the peaches cost money. So his trusty assistant, Reggie Love, whipped out a some currency (some say it was a dollar, but that’s not confirmed) and handed it to the president, who dutifully handed it to one of the Kroger’s employees. 

His appetite apparently satiated, Obama and his posse headed off to Air Force One.  (And it didn’t appear that he picked up any milk, either.)

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