The Gibbs Gaggle: Obama Regrets Media ‘Obsession’ Over Skip Gates Comment

Jul 24, 2009 12:22pm

ABC News' Yunji de Nies reports: Press Secretary Robert Gibbs told a group of reporters this morning that the President regrets the “obsessive” coverage that his comment on Skip Gates has caused. “I think he would regret if he realized how much of a overall distraction and obsession it would be, I think he probably would regret distracting you guys with obsessions,” Gibbs said. The President has not and has no plans to speak to either Gates or the officer involved in the Cambridge incident. Asked if he would apologize to the officer involved, Gibbs was non committal, but  did not indicate that such an apology was forthcoming. “I think the president believes and understands just how hard job law enforcement is. He has great respect for the men and women that keep us safe. I think he’s said most of what he’s going to say on it.” Onto the other battle: health care. Today the President will be meeting with Senator Max Baucus, D- Mont., and Majority Leader Harry Reid today to discuss health care.  Gibbs said no one thought they would be signing any bill by the August recess, and added that no one in planning meetings decided to take August off. The health care push will continue – evidence of that already next week: the President is heading to Raleigh, NC and Southwest VA to hold health care events. On the emerging issue of whether health care reform will lead to taxpayer-funded abortion, Gibbs called this a "red herring," arguing that medical procedures are already tax deductible. — Yunji de Nies

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