House Dem Refuses to Back Down from “Fascist” Remark

By Gorman Gorman

Aug 19, 2009 1:54pm

ABC News' David Chalian Reports:   Congressman Jerrold Nadler, D-NY, refused to back down from his attempt to paint some of the rowdy health care town hall protesters as employing a “fascist tactic.”"The people who are bringing fascism into the debate are the people who are using fascist tactics not to disagree but to keep members of Congress from explaining their positions to their constituents and to keep their constituents from asking questions,” Rep. Nadler told ABC News’ “Top Line” when we asked him about his recent rhetoric in the Huffington Post. “If you want to go to a town hall meeting and ask hostile questions, skeptical questions, make very hostile remarks, that’s your privilege,” said Nadler.”But if you want to go to a town hall meeting for the purpose of making sure that nobody can be heard, that it can’t be discussed that is a fascist tactic and we ought to be labeling it for what it is.  Now, I’m not saying that people who opposed healthcare are fascist.  God forbid, I would never say that.  But people whose aim it is to prevent the discussion, they are using fascist tactics,” he added.Serving as a reminder of just how tough it will be for President Obama to unify the left, middle, and center of his party, Congressman Nadler drew a bright red line in the sand on his vote for healthcare reform.  The final version of the bill to come out of the House and Senate conference must have a government run/public health insurance option or Mr. Nadler will not be voting for it. 
“I will not vote and many of us will not vote for a final House/Senate compromise without a public option in it because we’re not going to throw hundreds of billions of dollars at the insurance companies and enact a program that will be unsustainable in the long run,” Nadler told us.After sensing some shakiness in the Obama administration’s support for the public option, many liberal Democrats are stiffening their collective spine and making it clear to the White House that they feel they have already made sufficient compromises.”We’ve already compromised repeatedly. First we compromised by saying alright we won’t do a single payer plan, we’ll do a public option.  Then we compromised by saying alright, the public option won’t be open to everybody. . .  it will only be open to unemployed people or people whose employers don’t offer health insurance. Then we compromised by saying alright, we won’t base the reimbursement rates to doctors and hospitals on Medicare. And that’s it,” said Nadler.”Some people in the White House may have thought that alright, the House will pass a bill with a public option. The Senate, because we’re not cracking down on the Senate, won’t. The conference committee will come out with a bill and the liberals will cave in. Well, we’re not going to cave in.”You can watch the entire interview with Rep. Nadler HERE:
And don’t miss our chat with one of the best political reporters in town.  The esteemed Liz Sidoti of the Associated Press dropped by to weigh in on the latest poll numbers and White House strategy on health care.  She also took a turn at our caption contest of the day.  You can catch Liz Sidoti’s analysis HERE:

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