Kerry and Hatch on “What Would Teddy Do?”

By Jacqueline Klingebiel

Aug 30, 2009 10:50am

Sen. John Kerry says if his colleague Ted Kennedy had lived, he would have tried to keep the public option in the health care bill, but the 'Liberal Lion' of the Senate would have compromised if that's what it took to get a bill through.

Kerry insists his fellow Massachusetts Democrat would not "throw the baby out with the bath water" and walk away from a bill entirely if it lacks a public option, as some Democrats are threatening to do.

"He would not say no to anything because we have to reduce the cost … he would find the best way for it,” Kerry told me this morning on 'This Week.'

Republican Senator Orrin Hatch said Kennedy would have found a way to reach out to Republicans to get a bipartisan deal on health care.

“If he was here I don’t think we’d be in the mess were are in right now."

Here's the FULL transcript. Watch our discussion HERE.

-George Stephanopoulos

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