President’s Former Campaign Committee Sets Up “Setting the Record Straight” Page

By Lindsey Ellerson

Aug 19, 2009 6:52pm

Officials of the President’s former campaign committee “Obama For America” – now “Organizing For America,” and part of the Democratic National Committee – have added a “Setting the Record Straight” page to push back against “lies” about health insurance reform and “expose the special interests and partisan attack groups who deliberately spread these rumors and lies in a desperate attempt to preserve the status quo. “

“These lies create fear and anger – and we're seeing the results around the country,” Mitch Stewart, director of Organizing for America, writes on the web page, launched today.

The webpage is far more sharp-elbowed than the one at, as in the page debunking “Former Governor Sarah Palin's Outrageous ‘Death Panel’ Comments.”

Some “fact checks” will be disputed. The webpage, for instance, goes after the town hall disruptors in a way the White House no longer does.  (Though it once did.)

“Staged Disruptions Organized by Right-Wing Groups,” asserts the footnoted OFA “Setting the Record Straight” page. “Insurance companies, special interests, and partisan attack organizations are spreading lies and using scare tactics in order to incite people to lash out at their representatives and disrupt public events. …Their goal is not to debate or to have their voices heard. The goal of these disruptions is to hijack the entire public discourse, shut down debate, intimidate and instill fear.”

Why would OFA feel the need to set up a fact check page when the White House has its own “Reality Check” page? (One established not without some controversy). 

“We have such a substantial (email) list that we can get this out to,” said DNC spokesman Brad Woodhouse. “Obviously the White House doesn’t have access to the list over here.”

Woodhouse acknowledged that OFA “may repeat some of the things that they fact check. We spend a lot of time amplifying what the White House is doing and saying.”


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