Republicans Say “No” to Comprehensive Reform

By Gorman Gorman

Sep 9, 2009 1:41pm

ABC News’ Jonathan Karl reports: The pre-buttal from Republican congressional leaders leaves no doubt as to how they're handling President Obama's health care plans.

"The American people want us to do everything we can to stop it," said House Minority Leader John Boehner, R-Ohio, at a Capitol Hill news conference.

"We ought to do is skinny this thing down, target the problems in the system that we can all agree on," said Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky.

Boehner and McConnell used the news conference to starkly outline their differences with the president over health care. 

The biggest difference:  They don't believe comprehensive health care reform is necessary.

"We don't think a comprehensive approach on this is the way to go," McConnell said, adding that Americans want to improve the system they have, not replace it.

The American people, McConnell said, are "recoiling" from the Democratic proposals.  "You could hear it out across the country, "Stop. Back up. Start over. And get it right."

The Republican leaders insisted that there is room for common ground, however, on some issues, including:

-    Malpractice reform
-    Making insurance portable
-    Protection for those with pre-existing conditions
-    Allowing interstate competition
-    Insurance pools for small businesses

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