SF Mayor on Pelosi: ‘I Don’t Think She Wants to See This Thing Blow Up’

Sep 9, 2009 6:49pm

ABC News' Teddy Davis reports: Nancy Pelosi has been adamant in saying that the House cannot pass health legislation that does not include a public insurance option.
But one of her guests in the Speaker's box tonight sees her ultimately getting behind a public option with a trigger as a compromise. Speaking to ABC News by phone after touching down in Washington, D.C., San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom said that he thinks his fellow San Francisco Democrat will bring both liberal and moderate House Democrats together on final passage around the idea of passing a public option with a trigger. A public option with a trigger is a government insurance plan that only comes into effect if private insurance is not affordable. "I don't think she wants to see this thing blow up," Newsom told ABC News. "In the ideal world, we wouldn't be talking about a trigger. But in the pragmatic world we are living in, you see the House passing a bill with a strong public option, the Senate passing a bill without a public option. It goes to conference and you get a trigger." "You almost feel like it’s a playbook that's been written," he added. Newsom is a strong proponent of a public option. He was invited by Pelosi to sit in the Speaker's box during tonight's speech because San Francisco has a public health system which covers more than 75% of the city's uninsured. Although Newsom would like to see a public option implemented right away in order to hold down costs, he is prepared to accept a public option with a trigger if it is structured the right way. "If there is going to be a trigger, it better be a very strong and precise trigger that's real and not just window dressing," said Newsom. The San Francisco mayor thinks it is necessary for Pelosi to get behind a public option with a trigger because not doing so could be a disaster for her party and the country.  "The speaker is very pragmatic," said Newsom. "I don’t think she wants this to disappear and be an asterisk in history."

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