“The Day After”

By Jacqueline Klingebiel

Sep 10, 2009 2:34pm

Post-speech spin is in full swing on Capitol Hill today. Republicans have been painting President Obama's speech as "partisan" and "disingenuous."  My colleague Z. Byron Wolf  has more from Capitol Hill:

It is not quite the "you lie" yelled by Rep. Joe Wilson, R-SC, at President Obama during last night's speech, but this morning Republican leaders did accuse the President of "disingenuousness" during his speech last night. That is the word Sen. Jon Kyl, the number two Republican used four times during a press conference in which he disputed  several points made by the President. "I have never heard a more partisan speech by a President in that chamber," Kyl said of the President's address, comparing the speech to "the Chicago style politics," with which Kyl said the President is familiar. Pointing to proposals from Democrats to cut subsidies for Medicare Advantage plans that many seniors use to supplement their government-run health care for older Americans, Kyl said the President was being disingenuous when he said nothing in the plan would require people to give up the coverage they have. Kyl also disputed some of the President’s points on medical liability reform – something Democrats have fought in Congress – and saying that health care reform would not add to the national debt. "Bottom line," said Kyl, "the speech was partisan, uninformative, disingenuous, and not likely" to lead people who disagree with the White House to work with them. Also at this press conference, Rep. Eric Cantor, the number two Republican in the House, addressed Rep. Wilson's outburst in the House chamber during the President's speech last night. Cantor said Wilson did the right thing in apologizing to the White House and publicly.

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