Will Voinovich Support Obama on Health Care?

Sep 9, 2009 8:09am

ABC News' Jonathan Karl reports: There has been speculation that retiring Sen. George Voinovich, R-Ohio, could be a stealth Republican supporter for Democrats on health care. After all, the theory goes, he’s a moderate Republican who has bucked his party in the past. And now that he retiring, he can’t be pressured by Republican leaders. “Watch Ohio Republican Sen. George Voinovich,” Carrie Budoff Brown wrote in Politico. ”No, really, keep an eye on this retiring senator. Don’t get hung up on Snowe and Sen. Susan Collins as the only possible Republican votes. … Democrats are hoping his retirement may liberate him to vote for a package in the end.” Based on what Sen. Voinovich told me, Democrats should look elsewhere. “As you know, I am a debt hawk,” Voinovich told me. ”I just think with the financial crisis we have in this country, we have to be careful of taking on something we can’t afford to pay for, particularly when we can’t afford to pay for what we’ve already got.” For Voinovich the bottom line is costs: ”We can’t afford what we are doing now. How can we afford to do more?”

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