UPDATE Coming Up: Alan Greenspan and Sen. Schumer and Sen. Cornyn

By Jacqueline Klingebiel

Oct 2, 2009 7:57am

Today’s job report shows the unemployment rate now stands at 9.8 percent- highest level hit since 1983.  Another 263,000 jobs lost last month. This Sunday, we’ll get an EXCLUSIVE take from Alan Greenspan on where the economy is heading.  Just two months ago he told me he was a “short-term optimistic" about economic growth. So what does he think now?  

We’ll then turn to health care with Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX). Both are members of the Senate Finance Committee which has just wrapped up its debate over health care reform. The committee is expected to vote on its version of the health care reform bill early next week – will a public option be included in a final Senate Bill. Will any Republicans support it?

And our roundtable – ABC’s George Will, Cokie Roberts, Matthew Dowd and The Nation’s Katrina vanden Huevel. The President's inbox is stacking up: his unsuccessful trip to Copenhagen to pitch Chicago's Olympic bid, trying to find the right strategy for Afghanistan, and perhaps a new track for US policy towards Iran. All in a days work. The problem is here at home, along with an economy that is at best sputtering he's also got health care reform. We'll take a look at a week's worth of foreign and domestic challenges for the President and maybe even David Letterman's stunning confession.

You won’t want to miss this. See you Sunday.

- George Stephanopoulos

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