David Plouffe: First Biden Meeting ‘Confirmed What We Suspected’

By Gorman Gorman

Oct 29, 2009 9:23am

ABC News’ Rick Klein reports: In addition to fascinating insights into President Obama's thinking in not choosing Hillary Clinton as his running mate, the new memoir written by his campaign manager has an anecdote that's likely to feed perceptions of Vice President Joe Biden's well-known propensity for going on — and on. Literally.

David Plouffe writes that in their initial meeting with Biden to discuss a spot on the ticket, he and senior Obama adviser "couldn't get a word in edgewise."

"The [first] meeting started with Biden launching into a nearly 20-minute monologue that ranged from the strength of our campaign in Iowa ('I literally wouldn't have run if I knew the steamroller you guys would put together'); to his evolving views of Obama ('I wasn't sure about him in the beginning of the campaign, but I am now'); why he didn't want to be VP ('The last thing I should do is VP; after 36 years of being the top dog, it will be hard to be No. 2'); why he was a good choice ('But I would be a good soldier and could provide real value, domestically and internationally'); and everything else under the sun. Ax and I couldn't get a word in edgewise," Plouffe writes, in an excerpt published by Time magazine.

Plouffe continues: "It confirmed what we suspected: this dog could not be taught new tricks. But the conversation also confirmed our positive assumptions: his firm grasp of issues, his blue collar sensibilities and the fact that while he would readily accept the VP slot if offered, he was not pining for it."

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