First Lady Answers “Ten @ Ten”

Oct 24, 2009 12:45am

  ABC's Yunji de Nies reports: Michelle Obama flexed her funny bone tonight, as the featured guest on Jay Leno’s “Ten @ Ten” segment.  The late night host started the conversation with a compliment. 
 ”It sounds like I’m flirting but you have a beautiful smile,” Leno said. “I’ll tell my husband you said that,” Mrs. Obama shot back with a grin. Mrs. Obama fielded questions about the First Tweens' Halloween costumes? “Top secret – you need security clearance for that." What’s on her iPod? Stevie Wonder, Robin Thicke, Mary J. Blidge and Herbie Hancock made the list. How Bo celebrated his birthday? A veal cake.  Ad whether her husband would prefer world peace or a White Sox World Series win – world peace won out. Leno challenged Mrs. Obama, who was only allowed one hour of television a day as a child and spent that hour watching the Brady Bunch, to name all the Brady children in 10 seconds or less.  She did so with several seconds to spare. On family life, Leno asked who disciplines Malia and Sasha – she or the President?  Mrs. Obama dodged the question, saying that her mother is the person who spoils them the most.
“Grandma: she’s worthless on the discipline,” Mrs. Obama said, “Just cookies, TV, whenever they want.  It’s a shame.” When asked about her husband’s most annoying habit, Mrs. Obama deadpanned, “We don’t have enough time,” then quickly smiled, “He has no annoying habits, right Jay? He’s perfect.” She later offered that she gets annoyed when he beats her in a game of tennis, “and he beats me quite often.” Leno wondered if the First Lady ever gets nervous, given all the people she meets, and who made her the most nervous.  “”I’m nervous now, this is terrifying,” she said, before listing the Pope, the Queen of England and Stevie Wonder.  Mrs. Obama also got a chance to promote the public service announcement she recently taped with Dr. Jill Biden and thanked Americans who volunteer in support of military families. FLOTUS Fashion Watch:  Mrs. Obama wore a multicolored print top, with brown bow broaches on one shoulder.  Her hair was swept back in an up-do.

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