White House Refuses to Say President Obama is Pleased with Smoothness of H1N1 Vaccination Efforts

By Britt

Oct 28, 2009 3:18pm

At the briefing today, ABC News' Ann Compton asked White House press secretary Robert Gibbs if the president is satisfied with the way the government has informed the American people about the availability of the H1N1 vaccine and that the process has gone smoothly enough.

Gibbs for all intents and purposes, didn't answer.

"Well, look, I think this was something that the president and his team identified many months ago when we saw the initial outbreaks that were off of the normal or traditional peak flu season," he said. "The president took action with his team.  Obviously,…have seen from manufacturers a delay in the production of the vaccine, that we're working daily to help rectify."

Gibbs said it's important for the public to "take the precautions the president has long talked about and repeatedly check Web sites like flu.gov to get updates on actions that they can take to minimize the risks that they and their families face, as we head into a more peak flu season."

Compton followed up, pointing out that while the White House can't control how fast the vaccine comes out, it can provide better information for the public on what to expect – and many Americans have been upset about long lines and their inability to get the vaccine.

"Has the government done enough to make that process smooth?" she asked.
Gibbs said, "we're constantly working on that, understanding that…we are layering on to a vaccine effort, efforts that have to be conducted by many different levels of government.  We're continuing to work on ensuring that the vaccine can get to where it needs to get and to the priority groups it needs to get to as quickly as possible.  And it's a topic, I can assure you, that's brought up daily here."


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