Answers To My Health Care Pop Quiz

Nov 24, 2009 7:25am

If you missed yesterday's quiz, you can take it HERE.  My answers follow:

Question 1: Toughest Issue to Solve?

a)   Public Option
b)   Abortion Funding
c)   Surtax v Cadillac Tax

Answer: C – Surtax verses cadillac tax…especially after GOP forces Dems to walk the plank on Obama campaign pledge ruling out any tax increases on families making under $250K.

Question 2: Senator Who Will Have to Swallow Hardest to Vote Yes?

a.) Blanche Lincoln
b.) Sherrod Brown
c.) Olympia Snowe

Answer: B — Sherrod Brown…won't like what he sees on public option or affordability, but won't vote no.

Question 3: Outside Issue Most Likely to Imperil Passage?

a.) Afghan Troops
b.) Debt Limit Extension
c.) Second Stimulus

Answer: B — Debt Limit Extension…won't Dems have to pass this by themselves?  Maybe not if attached to defense spending. But that will make the choice even more painful.

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