Dueling Protests Converge at Pelosi’s Office – ‘Health Care for All!’ or ‘Kill the Bill!’

Nov 5, 2009 2:39pm

ABC News' Z. Byron Wolf reports: Capping off protest day here at the Capitol are the competing protests that have converged on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's district office on Capitol Hill, leading to several more arrests and littering the hallway with torn copies of House Democrats healthcare bill. An protest of about 100 people supporting universal care – including some familiar faces from Lieberman's office earlier today – was already ongoing at Pelosi's office when a new group of about 100 people who oppose the bill showed up. Specifically, the new group of protesters is concerned that the health reform bill will put tax dollars toward abortions. Among the protesters against a health reform bill was Randall Terry, founder of the anti-abortion rights group Operation Rescue. Terry said one of the protesters who was arrested is Father Norman Weslin, a priest from Indiana. Weslin laid down in front of Pelosi's door until a group of police officers picked him up and carried him away. Up to four protesters (it wasn't clear from which group) were arrested when they started ripping up pages from the bill in the hallway. Chants of "Healthcare for all!" have been drowned out by chants of "Kill the bill!" Police are trying to clear the hallway.  This is the office for Pelosi in her capacity as Congresswoman for the 8th District of California. It is not where she works – that office is in the Capitol building.

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