Fact-Checking Biden’s Stimulus Fact-Check

By Gorman Gorman

Nov 18, 2009 3:07pm

ABC News’ Jonathan Karl reports: Last night on "The Daily Show," Vice President Joe Biden addressed the reports of stimulus jobs in non-existent Congressional districts — but in the process, he made a mistake himself.

"Out of 140,000 people reporting in what they did with the money — who they hired, how many jobs — 70 didn't know how to count," Biden told Jon Stewart. "There were bad civics classes for 70 people and they put in districts — what district are you in? No such district.

But later, Biden spokesman Jay Carney told ABC News that the vice President misspoke. In fact, 700 reports were listed with fictional congressional districts. 

Carney said Administration has made an unprecedented amount information public about the stimulus program. 

"Never before in history has a federal government program been this transparent and accountable. Never. Not even close."

Even so, 700 represents only about one-half of 1 percent of the stimulus projects listed.  The overwhelming majority of the stimulus projects, the vice president's office points out, were listed with the correct congressional district.  Meanwhile, the 700 mistakes are being corrected

Biden said that, in contrast with the Bush administration, there has been no wasteful spending under President Obama.

"We've been in business seven, eight months," Biden said. "You haven't seen wasteful spending. No one has said we spent $2 million on things that didn't exist."

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