Interview with the President: White House Looks for Ways to Stimulate Job Growth

Nov 9, 2009 6:06pm

From Sunlen Miller: Faced with increasing pressure to do more for the economy as the nation’s unemployment rate jumped to 10.2 percent in October, Mr. Obama said today that two key legislative priorities for next year are stimulating job growth and tackling the nation’s debt. “We've got to show people that we are responsible stewards for their taxpayer dollars and that we're taking some serious steps to at least lay the foundation — the pathway for bringing those deficits down over the next several years,” he said in an interview with ABC’s Jake Tapper. The president said that these two issues cannot be addressed “in one big gulp” because the economy is “still very weak right now.” “Any steps to take to shrink the deficit could potentially take too much money out of the economy at a time when it needs it,” he cautioned. Obama said today he believes the American people are convinced that he is doing everything he can to bring down the deficit – but they want tangible results. “We were dealt a tough hand and I think everybody understands that. But ultimately, it's my job to dig us out of this hole,” he said. “And we are going to keep working.” The White House is considering new ways to spur job growth, including stimulus projects for infrastructure, federal grants to weatherize homes and businesses, more tax cuts for businesses, and new steps to promote lending. Read more from Jake Tapper’s interview with President Obama HERE. -Sunlen Miller

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