Is the Obama Army Stirring?

By Britt

Nov 11, 2009 3:44pm

ABC News’ Rick Klein reports:  We've been critical in this space of the stop-and-start efforts by Organizing for America — the offshoot of the old Obama campaign operation — to, well, get itself organized effectively. 

At Talking Points Memo, Christina Bellantoni gets a glimpse at some metrics that — while still less-than-stunning compared to the 13 million e-mail addresses on the campaign's lists by November 2008 — suggest that "OFA has strengthened into a (smaller) mirror of the campaign, with volunteers in every single Congressional district and staff on the ground in every state but Oklahoma."
In terms of impact on the Hill, here's a biggie: It was OFA volunteers who flagged for headquarters the possibility that Rep. Joseph Cao, R-La., would vote for the health care bill, Bellantoni reports. That allowed the organization to turn up the pressure on Cao, in what turned out to be a successful push to get a Republican to support the measure. We talked about it with Bellantoni on's "Top Line" today: "I'm sure there's some spin there; they obviously have a good reason to say that their organization is going well. But at the same time, they are organized and they're attacking it in the same way they attacked the campaign. And that was a successful strategy for them, and was really getting the volunteers to do the work." And will OFA go after Democrats? "My sense is no," she said. "We kind of danced around this in my interview with these guys, but essentially they said everybody [in the Democratic Party] wants to see the president's agenda passed."

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