POTUS Takes No Sides In World Series

Nov 3, 2009 3:41pm

A lighter moment at the briefing today:

TAPPER:  Do you know who the President is rooting for in the World Series yet?

GIBBS:  I emailed this to (New York Daily News reporter Ken) Bazinet, who asked at the conclusion of last Friday's briefing –

TAPPER: I was the one who asked this question — for the record.

GIBBS:  I'm sorry.  He emailed me, because I guess –

TAPPER: Because you evaded the question.

GIBBS:  Well, I didn’t know the answer.  It drew some apparent attention in New York.  I asked the President.  He said he hoped for a good series, but didn’t have a strong pull for either team.

TAPPER:  There goes Pennsylvania.  (Laughter.)

GIBBS:  We'll see.  What's that?

REPORTER: Does that means seven games?  A good series?

GIBBS:  I think he would probably hope to see seven.  I know Jake would hope to be around for seven.  There's no doubt that he was rooting for (campaign manager David) Plouffe last year, but apparently he thinks Plouffe is just fine this year.


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