Roundtable: Geithner Isn’t Going Anywhere

By Jennifer Parker

Nov 22, 2009 12:00pm

Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner got roughed up this week by members of Congress who are increasingly impatient about jobs returning to the economy.  Republicans and even one Democrat called for his resignation. 

As I reported today, a new ABC News/Washington Post poll shows that 30 percent of Americans say someone in their home has lost a job.  In February, that number was 18 percent.  Numbers like that continue to turn up the heat on Geithner.  

But, former Clinton Labor Secretary Robert Reich said on the Roundtable that the Obama Administration is going to stick with Geithner.  “Geithner is not going to resign.  He’s not going to be forced to resign.  He’s not going to be asked to resign.  But the pain out there cannot be exaggerated.  People are hurting, and they see Wall Street going up, and they see their own jobs in greater and greater jeopardy.”

Walter Isaacson thinks the criticism of Geithner is unfair, “Geithner is getting a bum rap in some extent.  I remember a year ago… we were all scared the whole financial system would go over the cliff.  We thought foreclosures would wipe out whole, you know, cities.  That didn’t happen.  They saved us from going off of a cliff, but you end up with this unemployment problem.”


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