Today’s Qs for O’s WH – 11/3/2009

Nov 3, 2009 2:41pm

TAPPER:  Working on good governance and anti-corruption (in Afghanistan) are — are — those are — those are general goals.  What are some specific things that you guys would be looking for?
GIBBS:  Again, I'm not going to get into discussing publicly the compact that's — that the embassy is working through with the Afghan government.
TAPPER:  The CIT bankruptcy, do you guys have any response to that?  It's $2.3 billion of taxpayer money that I guess is just going to vanish into thin air.
GIBBS:  Obviously, CIT received, as you mentioned, several billion dollars of assistance in December of 2008.  They have come back a couple of times looking for additional assistance.  They've had a year to restructure, which they are now in a process that is now ongoing. We are heartened by the fact that they will continue to lend to important small-business customers, and we will continue to seek ways to stabilize the financial system.

TAPPER:  Are the taxpayers just out that money?
GIBBS:  Well, there's obviously a process that's now — that will now be ongoing in terms of their planned bankruptcy.  And, obviously, we have a stake in — in how that comes out as to — as to — taxpayers have invested that money.


TAPPER:  On the election — are you asserting that the voters who go to the polls today who are feeling economic anxiety, feel the country's on the wrong track, that Democrats who are not enthusiastic today as they were a year ago, none of that has any bearing on the president's performance at all?
GIBBS:  No, I — I don't — I'm not sure exactly what some of that is — what some of what you're premising your question on is based off of.  I'm not suggesting there's not economic anxiety.  I'm not suggesting that there's not frustration with Washington's inability to deal with fundamental problems in our society.  That's exactly what the president's working on each and every day, to make health care more affordable, to create good-paying jobs, to create a new foundation for economic recovery through jobs in the 21st century. I'm not saying there's not economic anxiety in this country, but, again, if you look at what — if you look at — I'm just — I'm just reading what was written about the poll by the people conducting the poll who talked to the voters about what they're saying and what they're feeling.
TAPPER:  What about voter enthusiasm and the fact that it seems, at least anecdotally — we'll — we'll know it more at the end…
GIBBS:  Let's — let's discuss when we have something to base it more on than anecdote.


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