Bachmann: White House Has “Its Fingers in Its Ears” on Health Care

By Britt

Dec 9, 2009 4:43pm

ABC News' David Chalian Reports:   It appears the health care compromise struck among Senate Democrats may be enough to cobble together the 60 votes Harry Reid needs to pass the bill, but the vast majority of Republicans don’t seem to have backed off their wall of opposition to the health care reform legislation being pushed by Democrats in both the House and the Senate.   “Unfortunately this is a White House that has its fingers in its ears the same with the Democratic controlled Congress.  They don’t care what we have to say, they’ve never been interested in Republican input into this bill and we’ve got a very good common sense plan that will actually work,” Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) told us on ABC News’ “Top Line” today.

Rep. Bachmann explained one popular proposal among Republican lawmakers that has never had much traction with Democrats.   “The health care solution that we can support. . . is one that’s very simple, one that the American people like, it’s the government not owning your health care, your employer not owning your health care, the average American owning their own health care with tax free money that you set aside,” she said.   The Congresswoman went on to charge that it wasn’t simply the health care sector where she sees President Obama’s initiatives as attempts for the government to take over portions of the private sector.   “What you’ve got to consider is that just in the months that President Obama has been in office, 30% of the private economy has already been taken over by the federal government.   Just in these few months by taking over banks, AIG, the mortgage companies, Chrysler, GM, 30%.  If President Obama takes over healthcare that’s another 18% or 48% of the economy.  Barney Frank has a bill this week that would have government taking over another 10% – 15% of the economy with the financial services industry. Think of this, this is stunning this isn’t just in our lifetime. . . just in this year government is taking over about 65% of the economy. That’s not America,” Bachmann said.   One of the key rallying cries of the conservative movement and the tea party gatherings that have happened around the country this year is the notion that there is too much government involvement in the lives of average Americans.   President Obama has stated on several occasions that he had no desire to be a banker or an auto executive but that part of working to bring the economy back from the brink required government intervention and investment of taxpayer dollars into those sectors.   Watch our entire interview with Rep. Bachmann HERE: We also chatted with Air America’s Ana Marie Cox about the health care compromise which she thinks liberals in the Senate will end up accepting in the end.    Ana also gave the Obama speechwriting team a little bit of advice in advance of the president’s huge Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech tomorrow in Oslo: “Well, I would hope that it’s a short speech. . . If I were him I would get in and get out.”   You can see our entire interview with Ana Marie Cox HERE:  

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