Progressive Caucus Co-Chair: Obama Gets B+ — With ‘Needs Improvement’

Dec 14, 2009 2:28pm

ABC News’ Rick Klein reports: President Obama gave himself a “solid B-plus” when asked by Oprah Winfrey to grade his time so far in office. Rep. Raul Grijalva, the co-chairman of the House Progressive Caucus, agrees with that grade — with something extra for the comments section on the report card. “It’s a B-plus with like they used to do on our report cards — with ‘needs improvement.’ And that’s not moving towards an A — it’s just saying the areas of health care need to be finished, the unemployment issue needs to be dealt with, the stabilizing of the economy needs to be dealt with,” said Grijalva, D-Ariz. “We still have education reform ahead of us, and we still have climate change. So I think it is one of those — it’s not pass/fail but it is ‘pass,’ but we’re not yet to the A-plus, and there is room for improvement. And I think his administration agrees with it, and we certainly believe that we haven’t done enough to earn an A.” Asked what the president can do to earn an A next year, Grijalva responded: “I think you need to deal with education reform; it is a big issue out there. You need to deal with job creation, and I think the federal government needs to be involved in the creation of jobs. We need to deal with climate change and make sure that is done.” “And then more importantly, health care has been the vacuum that has sucked all the air out of all other issues. And I really believe that health care is either dealt with — we pass something that is legitimate — or we move on.” Check out more from the interview with Rep. Grijalva HERE.

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