Does the National Security Scare Put President Obama at Risk?

Jan 7, 2010 9:09am

The White House today will release the unclassified version of the security review examining what went wrong in the case of the Christmas day terror plot. The report, White House national security adviser James Jones told USA Today, will “shock” Americans.

So what does this mean for President Obama and his administration?

We invited Democratic strategist James Carville and Republican strategist Nicole Wallace to weigh in on the debate on “Good Morning America.”

Wallace thinks the president’s slow response to the national security scare is likely to hurt his standing with independents.

“I think in the last three days he has [done enough],” Wallace said. “[But] in the early hours after the failed terror attack he took about six more rounds of golf and a movie with the kids. Now I don’t think we know exactly yet what damage was done in those early days but you never get those moments back and I think that first impression was that he was slow, that his surrogates were out there saying the system worked, and I think those things do irreparable harm.”

Carville, on the other hand, argued that the president was only waiting to get more information before making any statements.

“I think his reaction has been pretty determined and I think it’s been pretty good,” Carville said. “As an air traveler, I’m pretty satisfied with the quickness and the depth of the response.”

Watch our full roundtable here:

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