Today’s Qs for O’s WH – 1/5/2010

Jan 5, 2010 2:28pm

TAPPER:  Some of the measures, the reforms that the president and the administration are talking about, including tighter security, more stringent safeguards on — on visas, people being added to the selectee and no-fly lists and — and other things having to do with challenging intelligence assumptions.  Can you look at Abdulmutallab's path from Yemen to Ghana to Nigeria, to Amsterdam, to Detroit, and show us, tell us how these new reforms would have perhaps detected him along that path?
GIBBS:  Well, let me not get into that.  I think the president will begin to get into that some today and in the coming days as the review continues and wraps up.  I think what you'll hear again from the president — part of what you'll hear from the president today was — is to go into a number of steps that we have taken, but also to walk people through the systemic failure that the president pointed out had happened in his remarks last week.
TAPPER:  He also, in his remarks, mentioned human failure.  And so far, as far as I know, nobody has lost their job or been reprimanded.  Not to pick on Admiral Blair, but it is the job of the director of national intelligence — specifically, that job was created to connect the dots.  Is anybody — is anybody at all going to lose their job over this?
GIBBS:  Well, again, the review is ongoing.  I think you'll hear the president begin to address aspects of that review today.  I think the president is anxious to sit down.  He's obviously spoken with a number of these individuals over the course of the many days, and he's anxious to sit down with them as a group and walk through this. I think the president has discussed ensuring that adequate steps are taken to ensure the American people's safety, and that's what he'll be discussing and working through today.

TAPPER:  One — one final question, if I may.  How cooperative has the Abdulmutallab been after he was arrested and since he got a lawyer?

GIBBS:  The subject, as you know, was — was taken from the plane in Detroit.  FBI interrogators spent quite some time with him.  I don't want to get into all the specifics, but I think they would agree, and I would say, that he has provided in those interrogations useful intelligence.
TAPPER:  And since he got a lawyer, anything?
GIBBS:  I — I'm not going to get into all of what he said.  But, again, I think that the — the interrogators have — believe that he has provided them with useful intelligence.


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