Today’s Q’s for O’s White House – Part 2

Jan 14, 2010 4:51pm

ABC News' Yunji de Nies reprots: I joined Jake Tapper at the briefing today and followed up on Gibb’s announcement that President Obama has asked former President’s George W. Bush and Bill Clinton to help oversee relief efforts in Haiti. de Nies:  Robert, I want to go back to — to the choice of George W. Bush.  I'm just curious, given how much this president criticized George W. Bush for his response to Katrina on the campaign trail, time and time again, why does he think that this president — that that president is the best person to partner with on this? GIBBS:  Well, I guess the answer would probably be contained in why Bill Clinton worked with the guy he beat to come to the White House. de Nies:  Right, but this president specifically campaigned, you know… GIBBS:  I mean I don't — I don't — right. de Nies:  … you know, constantly saying… (CROSSTALK)  GIBBS:  I don't think George Bush would hold up — I think if you asked George Bush whether the government acted up to its ability in responding to Katrina, I think the answer to that would be no. I think the… (CROSSTALK) GIBBS:  … the actions that were taken to deal with the humanitarian crisis from the tsunami, on the other hand, I think worked quite well. Look, if everything — if I — if everything I criticized precluded me from ever doing something with them on an issue that we agreed on, we'd all be walking around as 300 million people unable to communicate or deal with anybody else.
GIBBS:  I mean, you know, I just think the notion that somehow because you've been critical of the previous administration doesn't mean — I mean, why did we ever come here to have lunch with them. Why did we ever come here to ask them what's it like to be the president.  I mean, I think… (CROSSTALK) – Yunji de Nies

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