‘Top Line’ Book Corner: ‘Notes from the Cracked Ceiling’ by Anne Kornblut

By Matt Loffman

Jan 8, 2010 3:26pm

ABC News’ Rick Klein reports: Hillary Clinton’s famous line from her presidential withdrawal speech — that her candidacy put “18 million cracks” in the highest of glass ceilings — is the inspiration for the title of Anne Kornblut’s new book, “Notes from the Cracked Ceiling: Hillary Clinton, Sarah Palin, and What It Will Take for a Woman to Win.”  But did Clinton and Palin crack the glass ceiling open for future female candidates? As Kornblut, a White House correspondent for The Washington Post, told us on ABC’s “Top Line” today, it’s not as if there’s a deep bench of women lining up to follow their footsteps in 2012:  “We certainly have high-profile women running for office, running for governor, running for Senate in certain states,” Kornblut said, “but it’s not as if there is some now list of names of women who are going to run in 2012 or 2016. So I think we might look back and say this was unique to Hillary Clinton. Maybe 2016, 2020 there will be a larger number, but I’m not arguing in this book that it’s right around the corner.” “I think they were probably inspiring to some women,” Kornblut added. “But I think for other women — I certainly heard from women in their 20s, they look at their experiences and they say, who in their right minds would want that? They really were treated roughly in the media — some people felt a lot more roughly than the male candidates were. It’s obviously hard if you’re a young woman like Palin with young children to do this. So yes, I think it might be inspirational but I’m not sure it’s going to convince everyone that politics is for them.” We also discussed how House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s leadership is changing the landscape for women in politics — plus how Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano may have figured out a way for female politicians to talk effectively about the issue of immigration. Watch the discussion with Anne Kornblut HERE. We were also joined by ABC senior White House correspondent Jake Tapper to discuss President Obama’s handling of the terror investigation, the White House focus on the economy and jobs, and Rudy Giuliani’s latest comments on the battle against terror. (And we found out Tapper’s secret to staying warm while tapping away at the BlackBerry in winter) 

Click HERE to see the segment with Jake Tapper.
(We had booked RNC Chairman Michael Steele to appear on the program, but he canceled — through his publishing company — about 30 minutes before our show went live at noon ET, citing a meeting he needed to attend at RNC headquarters. We hope to get him back on the program soon.)

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