Andrew and Cheri Young: How the John Edwards Scandal Impacted Their family

By Kevin Chupka

Feb 2, 2010 9:30am

This morning on Good Morning America I sat down with both Andrew Young and his wife Cheri to talk about the toll their scandal took on their young family.  Cheri said she was caught in a desperate situation when her husband proposed telling the public Rielle Hunter’s baby belonged to him “Andrew had been taken off the campaign payroll.  We were dependent on a job that John Edwards set up [the cover-up].”

But just what did Andrew and Cheri tell their children? “We told (them) it was somebody daddy worked with,” Cheri says “that was just staying with us for a brief period…and then the children started asking more questions.  Ya know ‘why do you have to go get her groceries mom?’”

And they claim that their home video, full of seemingly happy moments at home with Hunter was actually just an act, all for the kids “Just because we’re happy in a video doesn’t mean we were happy people.  We had to be happy.” Cheri said.

But it wasn’t just this ordeal that altered family life for the Youngs.  For years Andrew would often put the Edwards before his own family “There were numerous times when Cheri would say ‘Andrew you need to be home” and I would say “I can’t.”

Watch the interview here:

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